how to drink milk


is this the right gif 


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The year is 2743.  Society as we know it has collapsed.  We have seen the machines take over and experience their own downfall.  There are no more countries.  There are no more governments.   Resources are at a dangerous low.  Many have left the Earth in search of a new planet to inhabit.  Only one thing is certain:  There is a Java Update available.

You bastard.

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my neighbours kept coming up to me and going “we need a special greeting!” so i entered it as “hail Satan” and now they say “hail Satan” every time they see me

guys can we just
this is animal crossing
i put that in the tags but nobody is reblogging with tags and i’m worried that everyone actually thinks i live on a street where people yell HAIL SATAN at each other

well you certainly live up to your url

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idk I just want to find someone who is proud as fuck to be with me.

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"All these characters are gay? No. It’s unrealistic to have so many." 

Didn’t you know? Gays are pack animals. Like angry wolves, they rove the countryside in large groups. During the full moon the alphagay has a contagious bite that will make you realize that of course gay people fuckin hang out together???

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"The devil is real. And he’s not a little red man with horns and a tail. He can be beautiful. ‘Cause he’s a fallen angel, and he used to be God’s favorite."

American Horror Story, Season 1

(Probably my favorite quote from the entire series.)

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